A Day in Charleston


The TNC staff jumped in a rental van at 8 o’clock this morning for a quick trip to Charleston. We visited Water Missions International. What a phenomenal story and an incredible mission. George and Molly Greene began this ministry after Hurricane Mitch struck Honduras in 1999. God worked in their hearts and eventually led them to start WMI. I encourage you to learn more about this organization. TNC will be sending 2 mission teams there this summer to assist in assembling and distributing water purification systems. WMI is busy this week as they prepare to send 12 systems to the cyclone relief efforts in Myanmar. I was really impressed with this ministry.

After the WMI trip, we traveled to the DreamCenter in North Charleston. Did you know that North Charleston is the 7th most dangerous city in the United States? North Charleston, SC! The DreamCenter is Seacoast Church’s efforts to reach inner-city North Charleston with ministries to the poor, the drug-addicted, prostitutes, and otherwise needy people in the area. They are less than a year old but already making a strong impact in the community. The same TNC teams who will help with WMI will also spend a few days at the DreamCenter.

We wanted the TNC staff to see these ministries in person so that we could speak passionately and intelligently about our involvement in Charleston. It was well worth the trip. A good day.

I love seeing ministries like these two reaching people in simple, practical ways.


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